Who We Are

Which is more difficult?

Guys can only depends on clothes to create an impression.
Ladies has make up and clothes.

We understand men’s behavior in dressing, different environment to individual DNA & preferences, fabric selection to understanding cuts and colours, contrast, proportion and most importantly Skin Tone. We are dedicated at facilitating individuals to find their own awareness in dressing right and to explore deeper into creating their own individual dress style. Dressing right and presentable has never been so important in today’s world. A person’s dressing will influence first impression any time and anywhere.

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Consultation Services

SorsStudio is a paradigm shift from the convention boxed up world we lived in, the customer that we are familiar with, the way of life, and the social construction that we are taught and imbued in us. What we see on others may not necessary work for us.

Targeting the Men who wants to: 

  1. Understand fundamentals of dressing presentably.
  2. Discover his creative styling and impressing individuality in different environment and expression.
  3. Change or overhaul his wardrobe to harness the benefits of dressing up

Embark on this new journey of finding new ways to impress and express a unique you with Sors Studio today!

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