Bespoke Outfits

What you wear says a lot about you.  Imagine going for the first date, first interview or impressing a prospective client in the first meeting. 

“ Wear a neatly press, light colored shirt for any interview” – Sounds familiar?



“Guys should have at least 1 or more white shirt in their wardrobe!” – Heard that advice before?

Most guys will spend a number of years wearing shirts in their daily live from joining the workforce to retirement.

Both men and woman wear shirts because it can be worn for work and play. Mix and match with or without suits, pair it with pants, dress pants, jeans or simply with Bermuda.

Understanding your preference, body type, daily activities and the impression you want to make, what complements you in terms of fitting, color, cut, designs make your shirt uniquely yours.

Every person (DNA) is different, why should your shirt be the same as the rest? Bespoke is the answer! Gets playful today! Get creative and have your own style today!

Your shirt will be a branding of you!

The cut

What makes a good cut?  It is to look neat and ever presentable, functional and comfortable for the wearer. 

Individual fit not only portrays a sharper image but yet practical in his daily routine.

At SorsStudio, we understand how and what the eye sees to have a “perceive” ideal image for each client.  

We catered cuts only for each individual with individual preference taken into consideration during measurements taking. 

It’s a two-way communication at SorsStudio.


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It is said, “Variety is the spice of life.”

SorsStudio is always searching and sourcing for fabrics trending as a fashion statement at events or simply catering to everyday work pieces.

We sniff out what available locally and we source from overseas as well. 

From the basic weave to one of a kind weaving, fabrics that have silk, cotton with mixtures and other types of blends and eye catching design fabrics

Quality of fabrics is in direct proportion to the cost of it.



Because no 2 person are the same 

Getting the utmost suitable fabric and creating that first or lasting impressions is important to us.

So first consultation may take longer than usual because we want to know the needs of each client, his preference and what are the clothes used for. 

Which is why skin tone, job scope, body structure and level of blending in/standing out needs to be address for each client. 

One will be guided every step of the way to ensure comfort level and recommended bespoke outfits are appropriate for the client.  

It is pointless to craft an outfit which looks good but client don’t feel comfortable in it. 

We don’t just do bespoke outfits, we like our clients to know how we work and why it will work for them.



At SorsStudio we used both modern high tech sewing machines and buttonhole stitching machines as well as the traditional method of hand sewing. 

Our Bespoke outfits are handled by hands who have years of experience using traditional method of hand sewing which have proven to be more durable, neater finishing yet easy for maintenance.

Particular Industrial use of machines for certain steps is to ensure interlinings are press ideally. Collars and cuff are made out to look constructed properly without having the artificial feel for the wearer. 

Each shirt is cut individually on the fabric itself and is usually ready in less than 2 weeks. 1st time clients will have first shirt done first to ensure fitting and preference is met before channeling out the rest of the orders.


geryll shirt


Some like it plain, some like it loud, some like it subtle. What’s your calling point? 

Doing individual styling allows you to have subtle or loud differences on your outfit. It could be a curve edge rather than a point edge for the collar or cuff, different designs or linings for the inner collar/cuff, or different colors of buttons.

SorsStudio will pay prominence to the choice of design details like collar spreads to suit the face shape before taking an 18 point measurement for that perfect fit that best suits a client’s physique and lifestyle.

Whether is it to select the best suitable collar to accentuate the jawline, double or single cuff, additional inner pockets in the pants pocket, selecting single or double breast jacket and the list goes on but we got you covered and share reasons which and what complements you.

We love to hear from you! Tell us your preference.  At SorsStudio, you can voice out your own ideas and together we will create a unique piece of outfit that is only meant for you.


So what is in it for you?

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle change because Bespoke outfits is all about the detailing to cater uniquely to your body and personality. 

It is money well invested knowing that your shirts and/or pants fitted specifically with designs catered to your needs & wants that complements only to yourself. 

You will look and feel smarter because nothing will hinder your movements. 

Your experience with bespoke clothing will leave you wishing every other clothing you own is a piece of bespoke outfit.

So set up an appointment with SorsStudio today!